Here's one prom Chloe Grace Moretz will never forget.

Naturally, we're referring to the climactic scene in the upcoming Carrie remake in which the 16-year-old star's titular character finds herself doused in blood. And while it was "technically" Moretz's first prom, she told E! News at the movie's Hollywood premiere on Monday that she has in fact been "invited to a senior prom" in real life.

When asked who invited her, she simply smiled and said, "No one," as if to avoid revealing her potential date (or that she did the asking!).

And speaking of the movie's messy finale, Moretz said, "It was exciting, but it was kind of terrifying. It was sticky and uncomfortable and I just wanted to get a shower at the end of the night."

So did the Kick-Ass 2 star get goosebumps viewing herself in action?

"Of course, I definitely scared myself because I had to watch it in third person," she revealed. "But at the same time, I was also remembering all the things we did on set and laughing, like, 'Oh my god, they got that moment! Oh my god, that happened!' Very exciting."

Carrie, also starring Julianne Moore, opens in theaters on Oct. 18.

—Reporting by Brett Malec

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