The Crazy Ones


We can't stop smiling!

We just finished watching the series premiere of The Crazy Ones and we're now currently on euphoric overload after witnessing Robin Williams' highly anticipated return to TV. The new CBS comedy introduced viewers to the wacky world of Robert & Roberts advertising agency in Chicago, where off-the-wall Simon (Williams) and his tightly-wound daughter Sydney, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, aim to be the best in their field.

We're intrigued to know your thoughts on CBS's newest father/daughter duo. Did The Crazy Ones, leave you feeling enlightened or just plan exhausted? That is the question we're asking you in our latest Save It or Sink It poll...

From Kelly Clarkson's hilarious and overly sexual song about McDonald's meat to James Wolk's surprising ability to keep up with Williams' fast-paced comedic wit, The Crazy Ones premiere was packed with energy and surprises. (We're currently crossing our fingers and toes that Clarkson finds her way back to the series later this season!)

In addition, Gellar's chemistry with her onscreen father added an endearing and grounded tone to this family-centric comedy. Plus, we haven't been this excited to see her on our TV screen since she had a stake in her hands! Rounding up the gang we have Hamish Linklater and Amanda Setton who made us smile each and every time they delivered a line.

With a stellar ensemble cast lead by William's one-of-a-kind humor, The Crazy Ones has the potential to be the next big hit, but will you continue to watch? Vote in our latest Save It or Sink It poll and then head on down to the comments to discuss The Crazy Ones with your fellow TV lovers.

Save It or Sink It: The Crazy Ones
The Crazy Ones?
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