AnnaLynne McCord

Photo by Steve Erle shot for Gregory Arlt's book "Beauty Exorcist"

Ah, fall!

The time of year when the leaves—and many a head of hair!—change color.

While lighter locks tend to trend in the summer months, autumn's slightly colder climes often inspire gals to go to the deliciously dark side.

And that's just what AnnaLynne McCord did, recently debuting a bold brunette hairdo on Twitter.

Sharing a shot taken by celebrity photographer Steve Erle at Los Angeles' Siren Studios, McCord showed off her new hair color with a retro chic hairstyle featuring a side deep side part and curled locks.

The chocolate hue definitely complements the former 90210 star, making her gorgeous green eyes pop. And bringing out her best features is exactly what hairstylist, George Papanikolas wanted to do when creating a new look for the 26-year-old. 

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"She let me do what I thought would look most flattering for her," said Papanikolas, who was also the man behind Kim Kardashian's recent transformation into a blond.

But while he gave Kardashian a look with a "modern root," his aim with McCord was to remedy the natural color that was competing with her lightened locks. 

"She had grown out most of her highlights and was almost back to her natural," the stylist explained.  "We thought it would be fun to try a deeper, darker look."

To prevent her hair from looking flat, he played with a couple of colors.

"I did a rich medium brown dark chocolate base color, then chocolate lowlights, and finished with a caramel gloss," he told us. "This gives a rich dimensional brunette."

And for those of you thinking of trying out a brunette shade this fall, Papanikolas recommends sticking to colors that are within two shades of your natural color.

"Any darker and it can look harsh and inky," he cautions. 

—Reporting by Lindsay Caldwell 

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