Forget average citizens, celebrities are known to throw tantrums now and then. And that could not have been any more true for the always entertaining Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Jimmy Kimmel continued to pay tribute to the Emmys during his Monday, Sept. 23, program, stating that the current golden age of television we are living in has something to do with YouTube.

"I've noticed a trend on YouTube lately, people having temper tantrums in public places, captured on video, for all to see," the host said on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Cue the hysterical videos of people freaking out on camera.

But this wasn't enough for Kimmel.

"It's not just regular people having meltdowns, celebrities are having them too," Kimmel joked. "Even notoriously nice celebrities like Julia Louis-Dreyfus will get caught on camera flipping out," he added.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus


The clip opens with the four-time Emmy winner in a coffee shop barking her order of a "almond milk-free sugar-free latte in a medium cup with a tuna fish salad and a side of quinoa."

The Veep star then slam her arms on the counter and demands that it come right away. But when the cashier does not respond, the actress starts screaming and her tantrum kicks into overdrive.

"Why are you guys standing there, do you want to write it down?" she yells.  "Nobody seems to be getting this order!"

Not looking so nice, Julia!

She looks for sympathy from fellow patrons by telling them "this is like f--king crazy."  But nobody is having it.

The server finally stands his ground and tells her to leave but to no avail.

"No I'm not gonna leave, I want my order!" she says as she stomps and then eventually slams her body into the counter.


Her antics continue until she notices that she is being filmed, and promptly marches over to the camera and slams it out of the way.   

Of course, the tantrum was staged, but Kimmel did not miss a beat after the clip finished.

"That's why she won the Emmy last night."

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