Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Grammys

Mark Davis/WireImage

E! News caught up with Tim McGraw over the weekened at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, where dished on everything from his naughty birthday gift to wife Faith Hill to his upcoming film with George Clooney.

When asked where his better half was, he explained, "Tonight's my wife's birthday so everybody's at home. She's at home with some friends."

He what? Missed his wife's birthday?! Not so fast...

"I was home this morning," he said. "I got the morning birthday in."

And when asked by E!'s own Catt Sadler if he got her something very special for her birthday, he suggestively said, "I sure did!"

Did it just get warm in here? Just checking.

The country singer has himself quite a busy schedule up ahead.

In fact, next week he begins filming on Tomorrowland with none other than George Clooney.

McGraw has starred alongside the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Sandra Bullock, but it seems a bromance may brew on set.

"He might be the hottest out of all of them," he said laughing. (And according to him, his wife thinks so too!)

But all jokes aside, McGraw is honored to have made such a seamless transition into the acting world.

"Being able to work with such fantastic artists, whether it be movies or it be music, you learn something every time," he shared.

"To be around those kind of people and watch them work and take something away from that is always great for me."

Hot and humble, now that's a winning combination! 

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