You might want to hold off on that tweet for just a second.

E! News stopped by Huffington Post to chat with political commentator and HuffPost Live host Abby Huntsman about how to be socially savvy without putting yourself in danger at the workplace, starting with "posting for the job you want, not the job you have."

"One tweet, one Facebook post, one Facebook comment even—you could get fired from your job," Huntsman tells us.

"I think pictures and what you write, they don't go away," she continued. "I mean, you could be 18 right now posting photos of yourself drinking at a frat party, for example, but when you're 25 and you've matured and you're ready for that dream job you've always wanted, that picture's still gonna be there."

However, with that said, Huntsman does promote linking up with numerous people on social media sites because of who or what they could potentially lead you to.

"Be friends with whoever you can because you never know who they could help connect you with," she said.

But that doesn't necessarily include your boss. Huntsman said that if the head honcho at your workplace requests you, then (if you feel comfortable, of course), you're good to go. Otherwise, it's probably not best to ask to be your boss' friend on Facebook. 

Lastly, don't be afraid to ask for some feedback if you're unsure about something you want to post.

Abby suggests to, "Get as many opinions on a tweet that you're questioning as you can."

—Reporting by James Chairman

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