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We won't lie, we're totally jealous of Mindy Kaling's fictional dating résumé on The Mindy Project.

So far, Mindy has romanced Ed Helms, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers, and now Kaling's Office costar B.J. Novak and Seth Rogen can be added to the list. We chatted with the star and creator of the breakout Fox comedy during the 2013 Winter TV Press Tour, where she admits, "One of the nice things about not having a serious boyfriend on the show is that we get to have lots of people pop in for an episode or two, which is good!'

So what can fans expect from Novak and Rogen's upcoming guest appearances as Mindy's love interests? Here's what she revealed to us:

Rogen is set to play a childhood paramour of Mindy's and viewers will get to see flashbacks in the Feb. 19 episode "The One That Got Away."

"Part of the episode is seeing what we were like when we were 12 at Jewish summer camp, so I  think that's really fun to write, two awkward, dorky kids at that age and then us now, not that much cooler than we were then," Kaling explains. "It's nice because it's like with Seth it's great to just have long conversations with him. It's really fun to just write that stuff because he's just so funny and fun to talk to and then we were just like, 'Let's just write it. Let's just walk around New York City and have conversations.'" And while we'll see the younger versions of the character kiss (Mindy's first!), Kaling's lips remained sealed on whether or not she'd be kissing Rogen.

As for how Rogen's guest appearance came about, Kaling, who appears in his new film The End of the World as herself, explains, "I just sent him an e-mail and I kind of expected him to say no because he's so busy, but there was this little window where he's editing the movie and hanging out."

Novak's two-episode arc, which airs on Jan. 29, was "inspired by When Harry Met Sally," Kaling, who wrote and acted with him on The Office, teases. "The premise is what happens when a girl, me, starts dating a guy who has a female best friend because B.J. and I are best friends in real life and we have a lot of observations about what that has been like for our dating lives, having a male and female best friend."

And Kaling had high praise for Novak's work on the show, telling us, "we did this two-episode arc and he's hilarious in it. He's so different than Ryan on The Office in it. I think he's funnier in these two episodes than I've ever seen him!"

The Mindy Project airs tonight at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.

See the stars at the 2013 Winter Press Tour

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