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We're ba-aaack!

After a bit of a hiatus, Watch With Kristin's daily Spoiler Chat is back with a vengeance, so please stop with the needy voicemails and stalking. We get it, you missed us, you really did! Or maybe you are just using us for all the exclusive scoop? Fair enough!

In today's batch of scoopy goodness, we've got spoilers on Glee's highly anticipated Wemma wedding, a big Ezria bombshell on Pretty Little Liars and good news for fans of New Girl's Nick and Jess! Plus, we've got scoop on Hart of Dixie, Happy Endings and more!

Patricia: Where has Spoiler Chat been?! Is it gone for good?
Of course not! With the holidays and the TCA press tour soaking up all our time over the last couple weeks, Spoiler Chat unfortunately had to go on the back burner of the stove that is Watch With Kristin. But it's back now! Can you ever love us the same way again? Well, hopefully all the TCA scoop we got you guys during the 2013 Winter Press Tour will help you along your journey of forgiveness.

RH_x123: Will we be getting a wemma duet anytime soon? Any wemma / wedding scoop ;) #glee
Considering that both Jane Lynch and Lea Michele told us at the Fox All-Star party that they are confident we will get a Wemma wedding soon, we'd say that Will and Emma fans should start planning their matrimonial viewing parties! Lynch said she felt "strongly" that one of the next scripts she gets will include the big wedding. As for that duet you've been waiting for, we bet bottom dollar that soon those two will be singing to each other to express their marital bliss.

Reese: Nick and Jess scoop! The New Girl writers keep promising something is going to happen between those two, and nothing so far. Help!
We cannot confirm for sure which episode something goes down in between Nick and Jess, but it definitely will happen. How do we know? Because in episode 17, Schmidt discovers that Nick and Jess have moved into "more than friends" territory, and predictably, he kind of freaks out. But Nick and Jess fans shouldn't celebrate yet, because those two are going to insist to Schmidt that they are a couple or even "a thing."

Cameron in San Francisco: I hate that ABC keeps moving Happy Endings around. Make me feel better with some scoop?
You got it. If this helps anything, Paul Lee, the president of ABC, said at TCAs that he loves Happy Endings. So, there is that. Now, on to scoop. Happy Endings will take on a Romeo and Juliet-esque storyline when Max falls for a guy whose family runs a rival food truck. Dave forbids Max from seeing him, and we all know how good Max is at following directions and listening to his friends. Oh, and don't worry, there will be no joint suicide in the episode. Happy Endings hasn't gone that dark yet.

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LyndseyNadeau: Will Ezria ever get more screen time on Pretty Little Liars? I'm sick of limited scenes!
This one time at TCA, we saw a picture of Ezra and Aria playing with an adorable little boy named Malcolm...with our very own eyes! Yes, Ezra will soon learn he's a daddy and that Aria kept it a secret from him, which will cause major issues between them, but a little bird tells us they'll totally weather the storm and Ezra might even start to be more clued into the whole "A" of it all! (Bonus: We'll have that picture for your viewing pleasure soon!)

Cecelia: Any hope for Lemon and George on Hart of Dixie?
Well, they totally lock lips while hiding in a closet in an upcoming episode. Alright, full disclosure: They only kiss because they are pretending to be a married couple touring a house for sale. Why are they doing that? Because Lemon is convinced George's new girlfriend is hiding something, and it's her house they are snooping around in. So, yes, they kiss, but Lemon is really helping George dig up dirt on his girlfriend to make sure she's legit. Not exactly a romantic task. Oh, and in case you are wondering, they do find something troubling while in the house.

Theo: I'm a big fan of Leonard and Penny on Big Bang Theory. Please can I get scoop on them?
Something huge happens in episode 16 for Leonard and Penny. We repeat, do not miss episode 16. And it's an exciting happening, not a bad one.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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