Sean Lowe, The Bachelor

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Let's get this "steamy" show on the road!

After meeting the group of ladies vying for his love and completing the first rose ceremony, Sean Lowe was ready for some one-on-one dates—and the first lucky lady was Sarah. The young blonde, who thought having one arm might hurt her chances, got swooped up by Sean in a helicopter (no big deal) and landed on the top of a skyscraper.

"So I brought you all the way up here for a champagne toast," he told her, "which is all the way down there at the bottom."

In case you haven't caught on, the twosome were about to free fall over 300 feet. With their helmets on and harnesses buckled, the duo held on to each other and fell 35 floors down. That better had been some damn good champagne!

During their dinner later that night, Sarah shared with Sean that she once went on a trip to Las Vegas with her father and was super excited to go zip-lining, but right before she was about to do it, an employee told her that she was prohibited due to her disability and state law. "I was mortified and humiliated," she told him. 

"And my dad told me in that moment that, he said, 'You know, Sarah, this is why you need to find a guy that's gonna be like strong enough to go through moments like this in life with you, and he's gonna be strong and comforting and gonna know how to handle situations like this.' And then, flash forward to today, it really meant a lot that you had the faith in me and the courage that I could do it, and I just thought that was important to share that with you."

Sean then took Sarah to the top of the building again, and just when we thought they'd do a nighttime freefall, he offered her the rose. Of course she accepted, and they shared their first kiss! "I think I'm falling in love with Sean," she said. And it begins.

Next was the group date, which are always fun to watch because every woman is watching every other woman with a glare in their eyes. So great. Anyway, 13 ladies met Sean at a beautiful mansion for a photo shoot (cue model Kristy's high-pitched squeal). 

The women were separated into four groups: cowgirls, vampires, sexy and historical. Each one had a shoot with Sean, and the hottest photo would get a three-book cover deal with Harlequin, a publishing house for romance novels.

Lesley M. was the first to sneak a kiss which got everyone's blood boiling, but when it was Kristy's turn, no one could look away. Granted, this girl knew what she was doing, so it was no surprise that she won the competition. (Cue more high-pitched squeals from Kristy.)

Fun fact: We might have another Courtney Robertson on our hands. Robyn was clear on pointing out the fact that Tierra acts differently around Sean than she does with the other girls. This should be interesting to see unfold. 

Afterward, the group indulged in a little nighttime gathering by the pool (no bathing suits or skinny-dipping), but there was definitely some lip action. Lesley was the first to grab some one-on-one time, but got annoyed that there was no kiss. So she did want she was supposed to do, and hijacked Sean during his time with Kristy to plant one on him. You go girl.

Kacie B. got her reassurance that Sean is willing to explore their relationship and move her from the friend zone, but for yoga instructor Katie, this whole Bachelor thing just wasn't working, so she left. Yup, gone. Namaste, Katie.

When it came to giving out the date rose, Kacie B. was victorious, which got some people (mainly Tierra) annoyed. "I wanted to punch her," she told cameras. "I'm like, 'Seriously?' I'm doing everything I can to show him I care for him and I'm here for the right reasons...I don't get it."

The next one-on-one date was with Desiree, who had to endure Sean's prankster ways. The duo went to a fake art gallery exhibit full of actors, and while Desiree was alone in a private room, a million-dollar piece shattered, making the artist and photographer believe she caused it.

Meanwhile, Sean and Chris Harrison were watching in the control room. Luckily, Desiree proved she was a good sport and handled the situation well, so Sean—who felt guilty for going through with that prank—took her back to his place for dinner and some hot tub fun. Bow chicka bow wow

"Wanna know a secret?" he asked her. "You've seen every side of me, like, this is me, you've seen a 100 percent of me, and no one else has brought that out of me yet. We're a pretty good match."

Duh, she got the rose! And a makeout sesh.

Finally, the rose ceremony. 

Sean tried to get some time with the girls he didn't take on dates before handing out the roses, and while doing that, the remaining ladies took notice to Amanda's seclusion. She didn't care to talk to or look at anyone, and women felt she was being fake with Sean. 

Fun fact No. 2: Robyn brought the hard-hitting questions during her alone time and said that she noticed the diverse ethnicities on the show, and wondered what Sean prefers physically. Of course, he had the perfect response.

When producers asked what type of girls he liked (physically) he told them, "'It doesn't matter.' I've dated everybody," he told her, "and when I say everybody, I mean Hispanic, Persian, my last girlfriend—black. I don't really have criteria. It's the woman and it's the mind behind the physical appearance." Swoon.

Alas, Sean had to say goodbye to two women tonight. Goodbye, Brooke and Diana

(Shirtless Sean count during tonight's episode: 2)

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