Today, Jason Kennedy, Ken Baker and Melanie Bromley started off the show by welcoming @MeganFox to Twitter. Sure, she was a little late to get in the game—but better late than never, right?

Also, Quentin Tarantino is "annoyed" about the questions that he was asked about Sandy Hook during an NPR interview. Do you think it's fair to connect violent films to this kind of tragedy? Tarantino doesn't.

Plus, a mom gave her son an iPhone for Christmas, but there were strings attached! We read some of your tweets and it seems like most of you agree with the strict set of rules she gave him…and even think it wouldn't hurt a lot of adults to abide by some of them!

Finally, we went around the table and Jason, Ken and Mel told us their best and worst moments of the week. Watch the replay to find out what they were and see why Ken had to "relieve himself" from his normal hosting duties.

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