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Seriously, today's roundup of scoop is all about our favorite guilty pleasures, including Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair, Scandal's big Quinn mystery and the newbies coming to True Blood. Plus, we've got dish on Victoria's reunion with her ex-husband on Revenge and scoop on Max's busy love life when Happy Endings returns.

All that and more, including scoop on Parks and Recreation and The New Normal, is waiting for you...

Danielle: Have you got any info as to what Blair and Chuck are up to in 602?
The duo spends most of Gossip Girl's second hour apart, as they are both busy with their respective business endeavors. Blair is trying to relaunch Eleanor Waldorf Designs and runs into trouble when a face from the past (Nelly Yuki!) surfaces, and Chuck is trying to figure out what Bart is hiding. Fret not, the two will share a short but very sweet moment when Chuck believes Blair needs his help that will solidify that they are really serious about making their relationship work this time.

Cassidy: OMG, Scandal was insane last night! What's next for Quinn?
More bonding with Huck! "I think Quinn feels very close to Huck, especially because he came all the way to California to get her and is the one who says, 'Eight people died, and come home now," Katie Lowes explains. "That's the only home and family she has now, all the misfits of Olivia Pope & Associates." Of course, Huck was behind Quinn's abduction and new identity. "She has no idea that Huck is involved; that's going to be a big kicker," Guillermo Diaz teases.

Jenna: How pissed will Conrad be when he learns Victoria is alive on Revenge?
You would think he'd be super pissed, but as per usual, you should expect the unexpected when it comes to this show. "I think that a really satisfying and unexpected turn is how this affects Conrad and Victoria's relationship," creator Mike Kelley teases. "They are going to find themselves needing each other once again and we are going to understand why that relationship worked at one time."

Rob Lowe, Park and Recreation

Danny Feld/NBC

Brittney: Parks and Rec spoilers, please!
We're finally going to meet Jerry's wife! And guess what? She's model-gorgeous, like Christie Brinkley gorgeous. She's also charming and gracious. We'll also meet Ian, a friend of Jerry's daughter who looks like a young Rob Lowe.

Scott: Any Happy Endings scoop, preferably something on Max?
Max is getting a new love interest…Jane! OK, more like Jane's male look-alike, physically and personality-wise, Jamie, who is an anal list-maker. Oh, and he's not the only one. Ben will also be wooing Max, and he's a dead ringer for Dave, goatee and all. Is it Oct. 23 yet?


Robert Trachtenberg/NBC

Patrick: Loving The New Normal so far! What's coming up?
Prepare to meet the stars of Bryan's hit TV show Sing. Episode eight will introduce the show's two leads, Clea, a petite and attractive brunette (sound familiar?), and Mike Madison, an attractive 30-something actor (ring any bells?). Come on, let's get Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison to guest star, Ryan Murphy!

Conor: Need a True Blood fix ASAP!
Season six will introduce us to several new characters, including Ben, a new series regular, a low-key Southern guy who will be getting close to Sookie. However, this charming and handsome dude's dark side is, like, super dark. We'll also meet the governor of Texas, a Rick Perry-type who is a warmonger, and his daughter, who is pretty and originally comes off as fearful, but will prove to be quite tough. Both will recur throughout the season.

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—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker

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