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It's about time!

The ongoing debate concerning Bully's rating has come to a close with the MPAA deciding to lower the documentary's R rating to PG-13 just in time for the film's April 13 release in 55 theaters.

So what changed?

Not much, surprisingly.

According to the press release, the intense scene in the film that shows teen Alex Libby being bullied and harassed on a bus has been "left fully intact and unedited," mainly because director Lee Hirsch refused to alter it "since it is too important to the truth and integrity behind the film."

However, three uses of the F-word have been edited out.

"I feel completely vindicated with this resolution," Hirsch said in a statement. "While I retain my belief that PG-13 has always been the appropriate rating for this film, as reinforced by Canada's rating of a PG, we have today scored a victory from the MPAA.

"The support and guidance we have received throughout this process has been incredible, from the more than half a million people who signed Katy Butler's petition, to members of Congress, Governor Mike Huckabee and the many celebrities and others who raised their voices to express deeply felt support for a film that can inspire millions. The scene that mattered remains untouched and intact, which is a true sign that we have won this battle. With an array of great partners, a fabulous educator's guide and extensive online tools, we can now bring this film unhindered, to youth and adults across our country."

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