Jason Segel, Michelle Williams

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Dear Ted:
I absolutely adore Jason Segel and Michelle Williams! The fact they are a couple now just tickles my fancy. My question is this: Do you think they will make it? And do either of them have any Vices? Based on the pics I saw, Jason does really well with Michelle's daughter, which I would think is a must for Michelle.

Dear On Target:
Matilda Rose comes before any man or any thing for Michelle—she has made this so plain so many times. But isn't it lovely that darling M's getting some guy company these days, just the same? We so approve! And how convenient is it that, thanks to Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Michelle knew about the whole package before making any commitment...too perfect! As for Vices, yes for Jason (kinda vanilla one, really), no for Michelle. That was her ex's territory, not hers.

Dear Ted:
How about Sebastian Stan for the lead in Fifty Shades of Grey?

Dear Stan Plan:
Can't say I'm on board, A. Sure, Sebastian's a primo actor—in Gossip Girl alone, not to even mention his A-list flicks—but I just don't see the all-out heat with Stan somebody like Alexander Skarsgård could bring to the table. Unless, of course, he was cast opposite sometimes girlfriend Dianna Agron.

Dear Ted:
Any idea when promo for new movie Magic Mike might start showing? Release date of the movie? Looking forward to cast pics...coming out!

Dear Ted:
It all happens at the end of June, babe. But I have two questions for you: What was that "coming out" bit? Are you implying another castmember besides Matt Bomer might be coming out of the closet? Also, what in the world makes you think promos haven't already started running? Riley Keough and Alex Pettyfer saw to that.

Dear Ted:
What were your thoughts on Jennie Garth's interview to People? I thought it was pretty classless. She completely threw him under the bus and came off sounding jealous of his career. Am I off?

Dear Peeve Police:
Of course you're not off. But remember something, honey: They're both actors aging in a town where men are allowed to and women aren't. Have a heart. Besides, she's allowed to be bitter, they've got kids! Makes it even more difficult.

Dear Ted:
My rescue cats Mini and Flarfin want to know what you think of Cloris Leachman playing Mags in Catching Fire. They like the idea, and I agree with my fuzzins...I think she'd be perfect!

Dear Furball Casting:
I think Cloris is the next Betty White She can do no wrong, including Mags.

Dear Ted:
What say you to Chris Pine for Finnick? Chris may be a little older, but he doesn't look it. He does look like "an amazing physical specimen," though. Cheers to you!

Dear Oil of Oh-Lay:
I'd watch Chris Pine be age-inappropriate for any role as longs as we got to see plenty of that amazing physical specimen stuff of his. Cheers back, babe!

Dear Ted:
I was thinking that the role of Christian, Mr. Fifty Shades, should be someone who is and fills the role of dark, sinister and intense. What do you think of Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Colin Farrell in that role? I personally think Jonathan Rhys Meyers is perfect for it, after seeing him play Henry VIII in Tudors.
Vishous Steph

Dear Win Some, Lose Some:
Rhys Meyers is less of a hit with me than Farrell. Jonathan just isn't smoldering to me, though he sure has the sinister down! Farrell is perfection.

Dear Ted:
Are you sure Matt Bomer is free of any Vice behavior? I'm hearing all kinds of things about my new celeb crush. It makes me sad to think he's not as tied up and in love with his "family" as I really want him to be. Kisses to your babies.

Dear Knotted Up:
Honey, it depends on when you think he did the untying? That husband of his isn't complaining. But earlier on is a different story.

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