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Just like you and your friends, Miley Cyrus, Darren Criss, Blake Shelton and many more were turned out in droves to see The Hunger Games this weekend to show their support for the Jennifer Lawrence-fronted flick, which made a killing (get it?) at the box office. 

So what did they think of the movie? Spoiler alert: they all loved it! 

Though she may be a bit biased, ya know, since she's dating Liam Hemsworth, one of the movie's leading men, Cyrus recommended the flick to her 5.2 million Twitter followers, saying, "Happy Hunger Games everyone! :) can't wait for everyone to see it! Such an amazing film! JENNIFER LAWRENCE IS GENUIS!" 

While he didn't tweet his reaction, it looks like Bieber got in on some Hunger Games action, tweeting, "What other movies do u and your friends wait for in the middle of the night. #Hungergames."

E!'s own Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Osbourne offered their two cents on the film after seeing it. The American Idol host tweeted, "Romance for the ladies, bloodshed for the fellas … after a century of filmmaking, @TheHungerGames has finally mastered the ultimate date movie." Fashion Police's Osbourne said, "Just got out of seeing #HungerGames all I have to say is wow! it really is a must see!"

Community and The Soup's Joel McHale tweeted high praise for Lawrence, saying, "Breaking entertainment news: Jennifer Lawrence crushed to death by avalanche of scripts offered her this morning."

Several Gleeks also got in on the action, with Criss tweeting, "In short, The Hunger Games was great. They did an awesome job." Harry Shum Jr. tweeted, "Finally going to watch the Hunger Games today!! So now it's going to make $155,000,010 this weekend thanks to my contribution."

Like other die-hard fans, Chris Colfer attended a midnight screening of the hit film, saying, "Midnight showing of the Hunger Games! Hot damn. I'm not a promoter of violence, but I'm so glad I started sai-swords at a young age."

Country music's new power couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, who contributed a song to the movie's official soundtrack, also gave The Hunger Games their stamp of approval, with Lambert simply tweeting, "Hunger Games. Amazing." The Voice's Shelton offered up a bit of humor in his tweet-review: "It's was SO good!! I can't wait til the book comes out. I hope it does it justice…"

MTV's Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes also got in on the action, tweeting, "Hunger Games was incredible. What a talented group of young actors. Josh and Jennifer were amazing!"

Did you see The Hunger Games this weekend? What did you think of the movie? Sound off in the comments!

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