Kathy Griffin

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

There's at least one celebrity out there who probably isn't too worried about getting trashed by Kathy Griffin anytime soon.

At least we'd hope so after said star found Griffin's missing pooch Larry yesterday.

Who's the funnylady's dog rescuer? Read on to get the four-legged details…

Kathy Griffin's Dog, Kal Penn


Early this morning Griffin announced on Twitter that her adopted mutt had gone missing, but he had been found by…Harold & Kumar star Kal Penn!

Seriously, what are the chances of one celebrity finding another celebrity's lost dog?!

"Hey @KalPenn. Thank you! You are a fine man and I appreciate u taking care of my friend. XXOO, KG," Griffin tweeted late last night.

Earlier today, she tweeted, "Larry the dog got out & was missing ALL DAY! Got a call & WHO rescued him? @KalPenn!"

Penn scored some major points with Griffin fans. "Man, you get a shout out from @kathygriffin & your feed becomes a lovefest," he tweeted. "Thanks guys! Larry the dog was totally adorable in real life."

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