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Jennifer Lawrence, you may not want to be as famous as Twilight starlet Kristen Stewart, but you might not have that in the cards.

'Cause tonight is the mucho anticipated premiere of The Hunger Games (the livestream is going on right now on the E! Online main page). And while J.Law has many done red carpets in the past—including the oh-so-prestigious Academy Awards—tonight everything changes.

Or so say one of her Hunger Games's costars:

"She won't be able to walk down the street next week," Paula Malcomson—who plays Katniss's mom in the flick—told Ashlan Gorse and Catt Sadler on the charcoal black carpet held at Nokia Live in L.A. Live.

So what's her advice?!

"Hide. Go into seclusion," she joked.

What better way to avoid the paparazzi?! Which is something that Jenny is learning as gets photogged out on the town. Maybe K.Stew would be the perfect person to take some tips for staying low-key then?!

Paula's last bit of advice?

"Get a live-in lover," she laughed.

Well, they may not share quarters, but Jen's already got a very hot British BF: Nicholas Hoult. If we had a stud like that, we wouldn't mind a little forced seclusion.

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