William & Kate's Royal Wedding

It makes sense that a future princess would consult with Hollywood royalty, right? Especially one who knows from anticipated weddings, high-profile guests and unwanted media attention.

So who better to give Kate Middleton advice on her upcoming wedding to Prince William (25 days to go! ZOMG!) than brand new newlywed Reese Witherspoon? Um, right?

Well, wrong.

But that didn't stop Reese from joking as much while promoting Water for Elephants alongside a potty-humored Robert Pattinson (so, both sides of the Brit spectrum covered there).

"That's true, a lot of people are talking about it like that," she joked to E! News, comparing the press coverage of her big day to that of Middleton's.

"Yeah, Kate Middleton's been calling me, actually. She wanted to know what I was going to wear. She didn't want to wear the same thing, it would be embarrassing, so…She actually had to change her outfit a few times, because, you know.

"I was like sorry, babe, I got married during Lent. That's the way I roll."

Rolling right alongside her during the interview is R. Pattz's nervous humor, which came when he was asked whether Reese or Rosie (the elephant) was the bigger diva on set.

"Answer carefully," Reese warned.

"The elephant can kind of do whatever it wanted, though," he began. "Reese can just go over in the corner and take a dump."

Uh, what was that last part?!

"Why do I always bring this up?" he asked, as a shocked Reese shook her head. "I always go the…

"Scatological," she said.

"I know, it's so annoying. It's from my dad."

Needless to say, skilled pro that she is, Reese quickly jumped in at that point to steer the conversation to more publicist-friendly matters.

"Wow. Wow," she said. "This has devolved."

As for the moviemaking process, Witherspoon noted that her kids were frequent visitors on set, and called the whole experience of shooting the film, "exciting and a privilege to be there. Definitely one of those movies you won't forget." Especially since the cast bonded with Rosie, and shed a few tears when she wrapped.

And despite filming in the middle of the desert, Reese's kids weren't the only young visitors to make the trek out to the set.

Reese said that there was indeed a "hard core little group of very committed people"—you know who you are—who came a-calling for their R. Pattz fix, and he, according to Witherspoon, obliged, signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans.

"You were so nice," she said. Oh, swoon.

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