Natalie Portman, Your Highness Trailer

Universal Pictures

Now you see Natalie Portman's butt...and now you don't!

Wanting to avoid the sort of controversy that can arise when people find fault with a theatrical trailer, Universal Pictures has digitally replaced a sexy thong with a fuller bikini bottom in the PG trailer for the medieval comedy Your Highness.

Bum-ba-bum-bum-bum. first reported the CGI switcheroo, which is obvious if you pay close attention—and who wouldn't!— to the "let me wash off in this stream" scene in the green-band trailer and the far saltier, butt-baring red-band version.

And judging by the choice phrases coming out of costar Danny McBride's mouth, Portman's bare cheeks will be the chastest thing in the film.

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