Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz

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Our long national nightmare is over—there won't be any new Becky-type switcheroos when the Cullens next (next) appear on our screens.

After a week of very tense, hand-wringing salary negotiations with Summit Entertainment, we're happy to say that both Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz will be back and slightly better compensated when production begins on Breaking Dawn.

While they were reportedly playing hardball to the tune of $2 to $4 million each, both have settled, according to the Hollywood Reporter, for just $1.25 million.

If "just" can in any way describe such a figure.

Fans and agents (actually, make that agent—both stars share the same dollar-signs-in-the-eyes rep) were sweating over the deal, as reports flew that one or both may be cut as a way of making a point about salary negotiations.

Hey, they did it with Rachelle Lefevre.

As for Emmett and Alice Kellan and Ashley, their deals were reportedly signed last night, though it remains unclear if the duo will be taking home that paycheck once or twice—Summit still has not publicly declared whether the fifth and final installment of the franchise will be broken into two movies or remain a content-dense one.

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