Brooke Mueller, Estate

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Brooke Mueller has had enough.

She has permantely taken up residence in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles and, according to a source close the family, she and Charlie Sheen's marriage is "done done."

Mueller, who owns the Spanish-style home with her mom and a business partner, moved into the house in April with her and Sheen's sons, Bob and Max.

Mueller lived in the home prior to marrying Sheen and had recently put the house on the market, but took it off when she couldn't find a buyer.

With Mueller completely moved out of the home she and Sheen had shared, reconciliation is not on the table. The family insider says that the couple's attorneys are negotiating terms of a divorce and intend to file divorce papers once a confidential agreement is reached.

Mueller's lawyer, Yale Galanter, continues to stick to the party line, insisting to E! News that "there is no divorce that is planned for by either party."

But the timing appears to hinge on Sheen's assault case in Colorado—presumably a petition won't be filed until after the case is resolved so the family and their lawyers can deal with one problem at a time. Team Charlie has been working on a plea deal.

There is a prenup. And while the exact terms aren't known, Mueller stands to receive a onetime payment as well as a certain amount for each year of the marriage's length.

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