Shrek is cursed! But it isn't the kind of curse that usually accompanies the umpteenth installment of a movie franchise—you know, the installment that seems like a lazy ploy to squeeze every last dollar out of the die-hard audience. No, this time, you guys, Shrek himself really has been cursed and his world is falling apart in Shrek Forever After!

Donkey doesn't recognize him! Fiona's on the lam! Puss in Boots has let himself go! The Far Far Away sign looks worse than the Hollywood sign did in the early '70s! But don't worry, because, like we said, the franchise isn't cursed, just the ogre.

In fact, the movie seems like it's in excellent health, nothing to worry about. From the trailer, it looks like the funniest Shrek of them all, and since it's also the final film in the series, the makers may very well have saved the best for last.


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