Jaimee Grubbs, Tiger Woods

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Has Tiger Woods learned his effing lesson?

We've started to lose count (think it's around 13 now?), but many of Woods' supposed flings have come forward alleging they've schtupped the pro and married golfer. This much is as clear as Tiger's tarnished image.

Now, you'd think that Tiger "Cheetah" Woods would have exiled his supposed mistresses once they started going public, but we've learned that might not be the case...

While many of these wannabe-famous homewreckers claim to be just notches in Tiger's belt, Jaimee Grubbs has been milking her bittersweet 15 minutes of fame like it's, well, a street corner or something.

Grubbs practically teared up, trying to force an apology on Extra to Tiger's wife, Elin, claiming she didn't mean to hurt her.

Uh, then don't go screwing her husband and sending Tiger texts complaining how he went back to cuddle his wife instead of her.

We know Woods contacted Grubbs before the car crash that started it all, 'cause we've heard the voicemail. But the messages we want leaked are those that supposedly went down between Jaimee and Tiger after the accident.

According to some of Grubbs' close friends, who dished to the Awful Truth, Tiger kept in touch with Jaimee, filling her in on how the whole car-into-tree thing went down.

According to these friends, Tiger supposedly told Jaimee that his wife had "hit him with a golf club" while asleep, so he ran to the car "disoriented" even "without shoes" to get away from her. Then, voilà, late-night car crash.

Now, Woods has adamantly denied his wife Elin did anything violent of the sort, and most definitely did not chase him with a golf club.

But damn, we wouldn't blame Elin if she did! The scumbag sounds like he probably deserved it. Then again, Jaimee is such a fame whore her friends could be totally exaggerating to keep her name out there.

What do you believe? 'Till clubbed do you part?


Can't keep track? Here's help! The Tiger's Alleged Other Women gallery.

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