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If Showtime's Dexter ends up winning its very first (and much-deserved) Golden Globe this January, it might just be because host Ricky Gervais has taken it upon himself to call out the wrong name...Turns out, he's that big of a diehard fan!

"I'm nearly obsessed with Dexter. I've never seen anything quite like it," Gervais tells us, adding that he's been hitting up the show's producer for advance copies of episodes. "I think it's great! It's funny, it's exciting, it's one of the best ensemble pieces I've ever seen, the acting's great, and the writing's great."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

And that's not all he had to tell us. Ricky has some big things in mind for The Office (which we're just passing along for the powers that be to see—hint, hint, Greg Daniels!), including a dream guest appearance by movie star Ryan Gosling and even more Dexter chit-chat from the man who calls show runner Clyde Phillips a pal...

What's this we hear about The Notebook star Ryan Gosling stopping by Dunder Mifflin? "I'd like to see him do something, like a really, moody nerd who's not touched by anything, but he frustrates the whole team maybe," Ricky tells us as the wheels in his head keep turning. "He'd play someone who could go mad with an Uzi in a McDonald's because someone treated him badly. He could play a really, really, angsty guy, and they can't get through to him. Michael Scott's going, 'You can't smoke here,' and he'll just go, 'There's not a law against it.' Ryan could really do something exciting."

As for other dream guests stars, Ricky is staying pretty NBC-minded: "I love Will Arnett, I think he's amazing, [and] Louis C.K. is the funniest stand-up in America at the moment." Hey, if Will can jump between 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation, why not stop by Scranton, too?

We even poked and prodded about Ricky stopping by the show someday, and he seemed more on board than ever before. "I could pop up for a bit of fun, maybe a little cameo," he teases. "Maybe David bumps into Michael at a world conference, it would be fun. But I'm enjoying its success from a distance, to be honest."

And as for his love of Dexter, Ricky warns fans that if you see him around in the next few days, do not spoil season four for him: "I've only watched six episodes, so don't give anything away, but it's the best season so far, I absolutely love it!"

He even tells pal and Dexter show runner Clyde Phillips about his favorite moments, which include our resident girl-crush, Jennifer Carpenter: "I love Dexter's sister! I just said this to Clyde, there's the line where she went, 'If you smell me again, I'll punch you in the throat,' which is just one of the best lines I've ever heard in anything on television."

Could Ricky Gervais be any cooler? We think not.

Be sure to watch Ricky on stage Jan. 17, 2010, when he hosts the Golden Globes on NBC. Oh, and if you're a celeb who's worried Gervais might roast you, fear not, he's only going after a very particular type. "Anyone who's younger and thinner, richer and more attractive than me, that's the ones I'm going for. Rainn Wilson's safe again, Steve Carell's on the cusp."


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