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Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella had a serious conversation about their future on Total Divas!

On Wednesday's episode, Bryan got a call from the WWE saying that they have "some kind of something" for him. But when he told Brie, she became worried and had a talk with Bryan about returning to the WWE.

"I feel like it's gonna interrupt everything we've been planning the last couple of months," Brie says. "Because I retired at WrestleMania 32 to be with you and to become a mom and for us to start a new life away from wrestling."

Brie goes on to ask Bryan, "You still wanna have kids, right?"

How did Bryan respond?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more shocking moments from this episode of Total Divas!

1. Nattie Neidhart Wants to Get "Fired'' From Being Lana's Wedding Planner:

Lana's wedding is coming up and she wants Nattie Neidhart to help her plan it. But Nattie doesn't have time to help Lana, so she gets the idea from WWE star R-Truth to do a "bad job" and get fired.

"R-Truth is a genius," Nattie says. "I don't have the mental health coaching to get her through this wedding. So I need to get fired from being Lana's wedding planner and the best way to do this is to make some really bad suggestions."

Total Divas, Total Divas 608


2. Dean Ambrose Bails on Renee Young:

Renee Young and her boyfriend WWE star Dean Ambrose were planning to go on a trip with Brie and Bryan to Orcas Island, but at the last minute, Dean bails.

"So we are getting set to go to Orcas Island, me, Dean, Brie, Bryan and of course what happens last minute? He bailed on me," Renee says. "Disappointing to say the least, but at this point, I'm used to it."

Total Divas, Total Divas 608


3. Bryan Gets a Call From the WWE:

While in Orcas Island, Bryan tells Brie and Renee that he received a call from the WWE.

"They have some kind of something," Bryan explains.

"Do you wanna go back?" Renee asks.

Bryan replies, "I don't know."

Total Divas, Total Divas 608


4. Nattie Confesses Her Plan to Lana:

After making some pretty bad wedding suggestions, Nattie tells Lana she wanted to get fired as her wedding planner.

"Lana I literally want to pull my hair out," Nattie tells her. "Right now, I'm obviously extremely busy in my career, so are you, and you asked me to help you with your wedding. I didn't want to say no because I was actually kinda flattered that you asked me for your help. But maybe I realized that I bit off more than I can chew and you had 18 different themes going for your wedding Lana."

"Not 18 different themes," Lana says.

Nattie then reveals, "So my thing is is I was literally trying to see what you would bite on if I suggested, 'Hey let's bring wild dogs in!' I was gonna see like maybe you would just fire me and then we could just all get on with our lives."

Lana asks Nattie, "Why didn't you just tell me?" 

Nattie then says she feels "bad" and should've just told Lana instead of prolonging it.

Total Divas, Total Divas 608


5. Dean Surprises Renee With a Trip:

Renee was disappointed that Dean didn't go on the trip with her to Orcas Island, but while she's there she gets a surprise from Dean.

While on FaceTime, Renee tells Dean that they need to start traveling more and he tells her he has a "big surprise."

"We're going to Big Sur!" Dean says.

"Are you serious?!" Renee asks. "I've been talking about going to Big Sur for so long! I cannot wait."

After hearing the news, Renee says that she's "so happy" and sees that Dean "really cares."

Total Divas, Total Divas 608


6. Brie Asks Bryan About Wanting to Have Kids:

During their conversation about WWE, Brie tells Bryan that she's "a little nervous and scared."

"It just makes me wonder if we're just gonna have to go back and reevaluate our life and kinda make some changes," Brie tells Bryan.

"I mean, do you not want me to take it?" Bryan asks. "Because if you don't want me to take it, I won't take it."

But Brie tells him "of course not."

"After everything you've gone through in the last two years and everything that's been taken away from you in the last couple years, I definitely don't want that," Brie tells him.

Bryan assures Brie that anything that comes their way they'll "make it work."


"And you still wanna have kids, right?" Brie asks. "Like do that now."

"Of course I wanna have kids," Bryan tells Brie.

"I mean I know you do, but we don't have to put that on hold, right?" Brie asks.

Bryan assures Brie they don't have to put having kids on hold and Brie says that makes her "happy" and that she just wants Bryan to "be happy."

The two then learn that the WWE has offered him a commentary job for the Cruiserweight Classic and Brie goes to Florida with Bryan to show her support.

Total Divas, Total Divas 608


7. Paige Gets an Update on Her Neck:

With the brand extension coming up, everyone is worried about getting drafted. And after experiencing more pain in her neck and shoulder, Paige gets an MRI.

After waiting for the results, Mark Carrano, the VP of Talent Relations, tells Paige what the MRI showed.

"The problem is you can see how your shoulder blade is jetting out of your back," Caranno explains. "The muscles on top, obviously something's not triggering them to work."

Carrano then tells Paige that based on her MRI, she has to be out for "four to six weeks" which could mean that she'll be drafted later than she normally would.

"This couldn't have come at the worst time because the whole brand extension is happening," Paige says. "It's a big moment for WWE, it's a big moment for us. And I don't even know if I'm gonna be a part of it, like I have no idea if I'm ever gonna wrestle again."

Season eight of Total Divas premieres fall 2018.

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