Paige Calls Eva Marie a ''Piece of S--t'' During Explosive Argument on Total Divas: ''I Can't Trust Anyone Around Here!''

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Paige didn't hold back her feelings on Total Divas!

On Wednesday's episode, Paige tried to keep her neck injury a secret and only told Eva Marie that she was in "so much pain" during a "bonding" weekend in San Antonio. So when word of Paige's injury made its way back to Vice President of Talent Relations Mark Carrano, Paige immediately thought Eva Marie told him and was furious.

"Yeah same old Eva, you're a piece of s--t, you are a piece of s--t," Paige told Eva Marie. "Why the f--k did you go up to Carrano and tell him about my freakin' neck? I told you not to tell anyone. Same old Eva, you're always going to be the freakin' same. You're a piece of s--t!"

But was Eva Marie really the one who told Carrano?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see what Carrano says to Paige when he learns about her injury!

WWE Diva Paige's Latest Pics
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1. John Cena & Nikki Bella Have an Intimate Date Night:

Because of their work schedules, John Cena and Nikki Bella haven't gotten to spend a lot of time together. So they decide to have a date night and pack on the PDA!

Take a look at the video above to see the couple talk about their relationship and see John tell Nikki he wants to "bring new definition to hump day."

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2. Nattie Neidhart Turns Into a "Bad Guy":

During a meeting, Nattie Neidhart learns that her character is turning into a "bad guy," which makes her a little nervous because throughout her entire career she's been a "good guy."

"For the last five years I've been a good guy," Nattie says. "I've been this very vulnerable, natural character. The crowd gets behind me, they feel for me, they cheer. When you're a bad guy, you want them to boo you. You want to have the boos so loud you can't even hear yourself think."

At the end of her match, Nattie "blindsides" her tag team partner Becky Lynch. But instead of the crowd booing Nattie, they actually cheer her on.

"Oh my gosh, my worst nightmare as a bad guy is coming true," Nattie says. "I'm doing bad things, I'm trying to be mean, I'm trying to be evil and the crowd is cheering me. That is not supposed to happen!"

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3. Paige Gets Injured:

During a match with WWE superstar Charlotte, Paige suffers a very painful injury.

"I don't know what just happened, but something just popped in my shoulder and I'm in so much pain right now. It's literally the most painful experience of my life and I don't know whether this is gonna be serious or not but there's too much going on right now, the brand extension is coming up, I just got back to wrestling again, I just got back in the ring again, I can't be out."

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4. Nikki Tells Brie Bella She Wants to Start a Wine Company:

Nikki wants to start a wine company, but when she tells Brie Bella about it during their visit to Napa Valley, Brie's not into the idea. Brie even says she thinks Nikki wants to do it to "keep up" with John.

Watch the clip above to see Nikki's reaction to Brie's comment!


5. Nattie Gets Booed:

Nattie still isn't getting booed and she's feeling "defeated." But after she "blindsides" Becky Lynch once again, the crowd turns against her and actually boos!

"I couldn't be more happy," Nattie tells Renee Young after her match.


6. Paige Confronts Eva Marie:

After Carrano tells Paige he knows about her injury and that she's "out until we get this fixed," she's extremely upset.

"I'm pissed," Paige says. "Now everything that I didn't want is happening, I'm not gonna be on TV, I'm getting sent home, I have to go to a doctor. And I've only told one person, I knew I could not trust Eva."

So when she finds Eva Marie sitting next to Nattie, she goes off.

"Yeah same old Eva, you're a piece of s--t, you are a piece of s--t," Paige says to Eva Marie. "Why the f--k did you go up to Carrano and tell him about my freakin' neck? I told you not to tell anyone. Same old Eva, you're always going to be the freakin' same. You're a piece of s--t!"

But Eva Marie has "no idea" what Paige is talking about. That's when Nattie interjects and asks what's going on. When Paige explains that Eva Marie talked to Carrano about her neck, Nattie explains that she talked to Carrano.

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"I talked to Carrano this weekend and I asked Carrano what happened to you like as far as your neck, I didn't know your neck was a secret," Nattie explains.

Nattie then says that "all the girls in the locker room" were talking about her neck and "assumed that everybody knew" about it.

"I can't trust anyone around here anymore," Paige tells Nattie. "I can't trust you Nattie, especially you now, now I'm pissed off at you. Don't freakin' start spreading stuff, I didn't want them to know! So thank you Eva, thank you Nattie, goodbye."

Paige then storms off and Nattie says, "That's ridiculous. If she has a hurt neck she needs to talk to someone about it because that's a big deal."

That's when Eva Marie says she didn't tell "one person" because she respects that Paige told her a secret.

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7. Brie Apologizes to Nikki:

After trying to learn more about the wine business, Brie brings up the idea that Nikki wants to fill up her plate because she's "lonely" when John's busy working.

"Let it go about John," Nikki replies.

"I feel like you're trying to compete against him," Brie tells her.

Nikki tells Brie that she's "so annoying" and says she's "probably going to be more successful" than John.

After their disagreement, Brie calls her husband Daniel Bryan, who tells her that she's "in the wrong" with this situation. Brie then goes to find Nikki, who left to go to their hotel room, and tells her that she's "sorry" and that she "was wrong."

"Maybe John fell in love with my sister because she is as determined and ambitious as him," Brie says.