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When you're a WWE Diva, you have to live up to the name, and Ariane Andrew doesn't disappoint.

"My mouth has gotten me in trouble. I'm very outspoken. There's a time and place for everything, and there have been moments where I'm like, 'Oh, I probably shouldn't have said that,'" Ariane told E! News. "I do have one of those personalities where you either love me or you hate me. I'm OK with that."

The louder half of The Funkadactyls, Ariane proved she could handle her own in the first half of Total Divas, and she's not letting up anytime soon.

Eva Marie, the redheaded Diva newbie, came in, stirred the pot and caused some controversy with her career tactics. She's got the other Divas on edge, but Ariane knows what Eva's up to.

"We're all trying to claw our way to the top. She's one of the girls who is willing to do anything and everything," Ariane explained. "In that sense, I respect her, but at the same time, she better watch her back, because, you know, I might be right behind her, being like, 'Girl whatcha doin'?!'"

Ariane went on to dish about Sunday's return of Total Divas, and she told us to expect even more drama.

"You'll definitely see bittersweet love stories. You'll see action, you'll see drama. You'll even see me battle some things out with my anger," Ariane revealed. "You put seven girls together with different personalities, all trying to battle it out for the top, you're definitely going to get some drama."

We've seen Ariane's relationship with her boyfriend Vinny have many ups and downs. At one moment, he was ready to propose, the next, they're taking a break. We wanted to know where they stand now.

"I'm going through my own personal stuff with my medical things. That's put a very big damper on our relationship," Ariane dished. "Vinny is an amazing guy, a very amazing guy. Being with me is a handful, and being with someone that's in the WWE is hard. It's a lot to handle."

Ariane Andrews


With Nattie married and Brie engaged to Daniel Bryan, is Ariane the next Diva to put a ring on it?

"I'm a person that starts trends, I don't follow trends. You probably won't see me being the next person to get married," Ariane said. "I still have a lot of things that I want to accomplish. I don't settle for less."

Diva indeed...

Tune-in to the return of Total Divas this Sunday, November 10 at 10/9c on E!

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