Taylor Swift, Lorde


"They laugh alike, they walk alike, At times they even talk alike!"  Though in Taylor Swift and Lorde's case the old Patty Duke Show song needs a re-write. Something about jet-setting and dressing alike? We'll get back to you with lyrics the next time these two step out looking like fraternal fashion twins. 

For now, we're focused on the major style pivot that the "Trouble" singer and her "Tennis Court" crooning bestie made since the last time we saw them flitting about together. We called that outing "hookie from Catholic school" but this one looks more like "smoke break on The Craft set!"

The singing starlets went from pale shirts and dark bottoms, on a gorgeous Malibu beach day, to black overcoats that appear stolen from two giant men! They're also on a totally opposite coast in New York, sans sunnies, and posing like a cross between a modern art fountain and Mister Miyagi teaching the crane technique!

Maybe the West Coast adventure was Taylor's chance to play fashion guide for the day, and this weirdly dark moment is Lorde's? If so, we can't wait for the flip back to the country crossover's closet. Unless they're next stop is third wheel Hailee Steinfeld's house. That should be interesting.

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