Lorde, Taylor Swift


If Sister Mary Something gets a hold of these pictures, Lorde and Taylor Swift are going to have a lot of Hail Mary's to say...

The "Red" singer and her new BFF hit the Cali beaches on a weekday afternoon in what appear to be their St. Celebrity High uniforms! Do we have a reverse Hannah Montana situation on our hands? Are the "Royals" singer and her "Trouble" crooning counterpart actually just school girls on their days off stage? 

We can't figure out why else these two would be rocking such standard co-ed clothes. Solid button-downs, dark bottoms, and little to no accessories! Plus, the edgy Kiwi is already doing the classic defy-the-dress-code thing with her shirt tied at the waist! All they're missing is a cardigan with an embroidered crest and some Mary Janes.

We have no idea what's really going on here, fashion wise, but if Taylor and Lorde really are secret students at an LA private school, we'd like someone to start filming a reality show immediately. It would blow Glee out of the water.

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