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Is this what men would dress like if they got pregnant too? If so, we're really glad that they don't.

We'll give Ciara a pass for rocking something far more comfortable than her Grammy's gold stunner, especially since she performed in a completeley new outfit as part of the show's after party. Two outfits in one night with that belly? We're impressed.  

But in reality, was there no better option than this Lanvin Homme suit for the days leading up to music's biggest night?

We've seen cuter pregnant celebs in jeans and tented tops. Why did the "1, 2 Step" signer go with a boring navy boys outfit?

It's not the pants and top combo that's making us sour on the style.

It's the fact that the look is so monotone. A bold-colored shirt with these bottoms would be chic. A sexy denim (with belly stretch panels, of course) would make the suiting look more stylish.

But their forces combined just make Ciara look like a desperate woman covering up with her hubby's old pinstripes.

Agree or disagree?

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