Nicole Scherzinger


Rumor has it, Nicole Scherzinger is wearing these sexy, sliced-up dresses for a photo shoot. Think she's advertising super hot fashion or a new work-out routine to achieve these abs? The genius move would be a combo of both...

We know the "Outta Nowhere" singer is famous for her flawless figure, and we'd like to recommend she stick with styles like these for the rest of her red carpet-walking life. Not only do both styles make her look tiny on top, but each still shows off her curves down below. The question is, which look wins?

There's something slightly tacky about the black, jumpsuit version. The leather top is either faux fabric or too slick a look for our tastes. Plus, the situation down around Nicole's family jewels is at high risk of going full-on camel toe...

The periwinkle cocktail dress has less wow factor on account of slightly more coverage (very slightly), but there's something more sophisticated about the cut and fun about the color.

If we're voting on heat alone, the answer would be the skimpier black at left, but since fashion is our main priority, our vote goes to the blue. What's your say?

AA Fashion Police Jan 22 Poll
Which of Nicole's cutout couture do you call best?
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