Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

We're literally not sure where Mary-Kate Olsen's body ends and Ashley Olsen's body begins on account of these looks! We see two heads and four feet, but everything in the middle is an all-black blur.

We know the actresses-turned-designers love baggy clothing in drag colors, but this is taking things to an extreme. Are they trying to make it impossible to tell them apart? Is there a "power in numbers" strategy against the paps going on? Or did they just get dressed without telling each other and come out looking like...twins?

It took us a moment, but we were able to figure out exactly what each sister is wearing.

Mary-Kate (at left...we think) went with the outerwear-as-outfit approach in a shapeless black overcoat. We'll give her props for those gorgeous cut-out shoes, but the rest of the look is too basic for our taste. Ashley, on the other hand, is wearing a more basic pump with a slightly more interesting black top and skirt.

With their fashion forces combined, these two might have one interesting ensemble on their hands, but as it stands these styles are as basic as they are similar. 

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