Lady Gaga

Terry Richardson

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What would happen if Lady Gaga stopped posing for photos?

Would the sun melt? Would gravity fail us? Would the four horsemen saddle up early? Would makeup artists from SoHo to WeHo rend their garments and go into mourning?

Luckily we don't have to wonder. Because it's a brand new day, which means that a brand new photo of Mother Monster has emerged. So you can stop stockpiling the canned goods and bottled water—for now.

Behold the former Stefani Germanotta as she flaps her feathers for photographer Terry Richardson. The location: Outside a Chanel store in Finland. (Of course.) The reason: She was continuing the European leg of her Born This Way Ball tour with a dramatic greeting for Finnish fans.

Also? She's Lady Gaga.

As far as details, they're as soft as raven down at this hour, but we can tell you this: The feathers are part of a headdress, and we now have 23 hours before we start wondering where the next Gaga photo is.

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