Lady Gaga Goes Back to Being a Brunette and Dyes Her Hair "Louis Vuitton Brown"

The Mother Monster pulled a move we didn't see coming and has decided to go back to her natural roots as a brunette, but do you like this look?

By Erin La Rosa Aug 20, 2012 10:13 PMTags
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Trying to keep up with Lady Gaga's hair is like attempting to keep track of when her BFF Lindsay Lohan has a court appearance.

We've seen her with blond, orange, gray, lemon sorbet, pink taffeta, Rainbow Brite, cotton candy swirl and My Little Pony hair. Nothing shocks us anymore.

Except, of course, when the Mother Monster does something so outlandish, so unprecedented, that we have to stop mid-Botox injection and squint at our screens to gape in horror at the color blinking back at us.

Her natural color, brown. Or, as Gaga likes to call it, Louis Vuitton Brown.

"Definitely feeling less blond lately and little more progressive brunette," she Tweeted. "I am LOUIS VUITTON BROWN. BITCH THATS LV"

Hmmm, seems less LV and more caps lock to us, but we digress.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Haus of Gaga creation if there wasn't something to make the 26-year-old stand out.

"Im gonna leave one streak of bad by my left ear," she tweeted. "Lady when its down, and Gaga when its up. could we belong together?"

The streak of bad is code for a streak of blond, if you're still with us. As for the rest of Gaga's look—the baggy navy tee, half-on half-missing skirt, black knee-highs, studded booties and bedazzled bag—it's all fairly normal.

What do you think of the Lady's latest transformation, do you like this au natural side of Gaga?