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It is said that dogs and their owners often look alike, and we've gathered some photo evidence that seems to support that theory.

But, before you assume we're dissing the beauty of your fave star, hear us out.

We are not saying that Eva Mendes has the snout of a Belgian Malinois, or that her Ralph Lauren Collection Cartridge bag is scruffy. But we are saying that her sleek, simple style seems to match her dog Hugo's long-leggedy elegance, OK?

Lady Gaga, Steven Tyler

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As for Lady Gaga, she, like her fuzzy Fozzi, seems to have a penchant for puffy coats.

While Miley Cyrus' wardrobe seems about as approachable and casual as her unfussy English bulldog, Ziggy.

And Steven Tyler versus his yorkie, Morkie? Do we even need to talk about the similarity in hair? We thought not.

What we want to know is, which celeb and their puppy carting style would you want to steal most?!

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When it comes to celebs and their pooches, who is your fave?!
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