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Larry Busacca/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images for E!

The only thing After Lately star Heather McDonald loves more than being a celebrity mom is gabbing about celebrity moms!

In an interview with OK, she talked about how she could never hang out with Jennifer Garner because her mothering techniques would pale in comparison.

"I think she's too good of a mother for me to hang out with (laughs)," says Heather. "She strikes me as like very, like, I don't know. She has a lot of rules, and a lot of vegetable eating, and I heard her talking on the red carpet about how her daughter won the spelling bee. My kids are terrible spellers."

But Heather doesn't need any Garner in her life, as she just so happens to be friends with the hottest celebrities in town – the Kardashians. She did, however, give a shout out to her dream celeb BFF.

"As a kid I used to say that I think Madonna and I would really get along (laughs)" she says. "I've loved her since I was like, 13, and I'm like, "One day, we're gonna meet, we're gonna hang out, we're gonna be friends, she's gonna think I'm hilarious, and I think it's gonna happen."  We're both mothers. She was raised Catholic but now she's Jewish.  We have a lot in common and I think it's gonna happen."

But at the end of the day, the most fascinating part of the interview is the following story about Chelsea Handler's hilarious handiness with her close friends, which is making it into an upcoming episode of After Lately.

"Well, one time in real life I was holding these two plates of food because I love to bring home the food for my family because I have five people to feed and if there's leftovers then why not. My hands were carrying the food and I was wearing like, workout pants and [Chelsea] had an electric toothbrush and she took it to my vagina in front of like, staff members. And I'm like, "What am I supposed to do, am I supposed to drop my food and let my children starve or do I finish this very awkward moment?" So anyway, they put that in After Lately. So I then had to relive it and have her stick a vibrating toothbrush at my vagina with like, five guys filming it. So that's what happens. You have it happen in real life and then you have it happen on After Lately."

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