After Lately

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Brad forgot his ID at home and the security guard won't let him onto the lot, despite Brad's insistence that he's a big TV star. Both Chelsea and TJ Miller drive by and ditch him, leaving him to rot in the sun.

Heather walks into the writers room bragging about how she got an amazing free rub down from a masseuse on the lot that's only here for today. Everybody wants in on that sweet, sweet massage action.

Chelsea is in a bad mood. Heather and Sarah diagnose her as having lady blue balls after she reveals she doesn't masturbate and hasn't dated anybody in quite some time. They decide to throw a party at her house and invite a crew member Chelsea thinks is cute.

Brad finally figures out a way to get to his office – by buying a ticket to the back lot tour. He's forced to ride the tour trolley until they drive by the Chelsea set, and he manages to ruin the ride for all of the tourists on board.

At Chelsea's party  the writers find out that the "masseuse" they all got massages from was actually just a sexual deviant who snuck on to the lot. Sarah got a happy ending from him and is no longer happy about it!

The cute crew guy shows up to the party but Chelsea's no longer interested because she finally masturbated. Brad gets there late and can't remember the gate code, so he's locked out. And nobody lets him in. Because everybody hates Brad!

Tune in Mondays at 10:30/9:30c for all new episodes of After Lately, only on E!

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