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  1. Tristan, Botched 415

    Cancer Destroyed Tristan's Butt, But Will the Botched Doctors Be Able to Give Him the Backside of His Dreams?

  2. Tristan, Botched 415

    A Cancerous Tumor Literally Left Botched Patient Tristan Without a Butt: "Oh My God, the Butt's Gone!"

  3. Kelsey, Botched 415

    Botched Patient Kelsey Needs Help to Fix Her "Double Bubble" Breast Implants

  4. Botched 414, Krystle

    A Two-for-One Boob Job and Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong Left Krystle With Gangrene on Botched

  5. Botched 414

    Botched Patient Michael's Bad Surgery Left Him With Brain Fluid Leaking Out of His Nose

  6. Botched 414

    Botched Patient Krystle's Dangerous 12-Hour Procedure "Could've Literally Been Her Last Surgery"

  7. Patricia, Botched 414

    Botched Patient Patricia Wants to Add a Little More Fat to Her "Supa Booty"

  8. Kim D., Botched 413

    RHONJ Star Kim D. Gets the Boobs She Always Wanted on Botched

  9. Christina, Botched 413

    A Car Accident and a Scary Surgery Leaves Botched Patient Christina With a Twisted Nose

  10. Botched 413

    Botched Patient and Self-Described "Plastic Surgery Enthusiast" Needs Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif to Fix His Nose

  11. Paul Nassif, Terry J.D.

    Botched's Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif Tease "Unfortunate Waxing, Shaving Scene" Between Them on Upcoming Season!

  12. Dr. Paul Nassif, Dr. Terry Dubrow

    Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif Promise Season 5 of Botched Will "Rock Your World"

  13. Botched 409, Paul Nassif

    Dr. Paul Nassif Gushes Over Dating New Girlfriend and It's All Thanks to His Slimmed-Down "Boyfriend Body!"

  14. Botched

    Botched Renewed for Season 5! Watch a Wild Promo Ahead of the Show's Emotional Return

  15. Botched 412, Terry Dubrow

    Botched Recap: Dr. Terry Dubrow Uses Leeches to Suck Blood From Actress Tawny Kitaen's Nipples!

  16. Botched 412, Tawny Kitaen

    Actress Tawny Kitaen Wants Her Boob Implants Removed on Botched: "The Implants Are Down to the Bottom of My Rib Cage"

  17. Botched 411, Brandon

    Botched Recap: Dr. Paul Nassif Puts Brandon's "Crooked as S--t" Nose Back in Place

  18. Botched 411, Alicia

    Alicia Is Trying to Become an Actual Bimbo in Botched Sneak Peek: "I Want to Look Like a F--k Doll"

  19. Botched 411, Brandon, Nose

    Botched Patient Brandon Is Using His Twin Brother Brian As the "Revision Road Map" For His Crooked Nose

  20. Botched 410, Tiffany

    Botched Patient Tiffany Had 13 Surgeries in One Year to Look Like Her Idol Ivanka Trump: Do You See the Resemblance?

  21. Botched 410

    Botched Recap: Chanel Is Excited to Show Off Her "New Titties" After Surgery With Dr. Terry Dubrow

  22. Botched 404, Chanel,

    Botched Patient Chanel's Bad Boob Job Left Her Nipples at the Bottom of Her Breasts: "She's Missing Breast Tissue!"

  23. Botched 409, Paul Nassif

    Botched Recap: Dr. Paul Nassif Meets His Future Ex-Wife and Kelli's "Turnt Up" Nose Finally Gets Turnt Down

  24. Botched 408, Kailan

    Botched Recap: Kailan's Boobs Are No Longer Trapped in a "Duct Tape Prison" Thanks to Dr. Terry Dubrow

  25. Botched 408, Kailan

    Botched Patient Kailan Had a 15-Minute Boob Job That Went Terribly, Terribly Wrong

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