You Won't Believe the L.A. Sports Icon Who Got a Botched Makeover

By Brett Malec Nov 08, 2022 7:33 PMTags
Watch: LA Kings Mascot Gets a New Makeover By Botched Docs

We've never seen a Botched before and after like this!

Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif recently gave a makeover to one of L.A.'s favorite sports icons: the Kings hockey team mascot Bailey the Lion.

After a makeover several years ago that left Bailey looking not like himself, the Kings sought the help of the famed plastic surgeons to revitalize Bailey's appearance. In a promo of Bailey's fake Botched consultation, the docs assess what's off about the mascot's face...or should we say mask?

"First of all, what happened to the forehead and what's going on around the brow area looks angry, sinister," Terry comments in the exam room before Paul adds, "Augmentation rhinoplasty, augmentation cheek implants. In addition, veneers—veneers made to look dangerous. And also look at this, it's a chin implant."

It's clear Bailey is more than ready to hypothetically go under the knife for a Botched transformation as he high fives the E! stars before heading into surgery.

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Bailey made his post-op reveal on the ice during a Kings game this past weekend, as one of the announcers declared, "Fans, Bailey heard you and thanks to Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow he was able to get his swagger back."

The doctors then helped Bailey remove his bandages to debut his newly refreshed face as the crowd cheered and applauded.

Following his makeover, Bailey took to his Instagram account to rave about his new look, writing, "Finally feel like my old self thanks to my friends at @botchedtv."

See his transformation in the hilarious video above.

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