Christy Turlington

Supermodel Tatjana Patitz Dead at 56

Tatjana Patitz, one of the original supermodels of the late-‘80s and ‘90s has died, her agent confirmed. Scroll down to read about Tatjana's iconic career that spanned decades.

January 11, 2023


How a Difficult Childbirth Gave Supermodel Christy Turlington a New Purpose

Christy Turlington shared her passion for helping mothers and pregnant women all over the world on NBC's special Inspiring America: The 2022 Inspiration List. Watch an exclusive preview.

May 5, 2022

Christy Turlington Shuts Down NYFW Runway for the First Time in More Than 20 Years

She made her triumphant return in a black feathered dress.

February 14, 2019

Christy Turlington Reflects on the "Very Powerful" Lessons She Learned From George Michael

Supermodel and pop singer worked together for his "Freedom" music video

December 28, 2016

Christy Turlington Says "Never" to Plastic Surgery: "It Looks Freaky to Me"

The famous supermodel is not a fan of how injectables or surgery looks on customers

September 8, 2016

Which O.G. Model Is Your Style Spirit Animal? Find Out!

You could be a Kate or you could be a Tyra...

September 6, 2016