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Style Week, Theme Week

There's a reason these supermodels haven't been replaced (and never will).

When it comes to legendary style, there are five fashion icons who have, since the '90s, reigned supreme. Each of them lived and breathed a particular look, never straying and never the same.

From Cindy Crawford's classic all-American cool to Naomi Campbell's all-out glam, their amazing personal style covers the entire spectrum. Take a read through the below quiz to find out which of these supermodels is your own style twin!

Cindy Crawford: The Girl Next Door

ESC: OG Model, Cindy Crawford

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The Americana supermodel has always had a distinct casual-but-not-too-casual style. In her heyday, Cindy was always sporting variations of white tops and denim. If you're like this beauty, you probably own one too many pairs of Keds-like sneakers and there's a good chance you live in your swimsuit each summer. Your wardrobe is simple and casual yet every outfit always looks put together. It's likely your friends will never meet anyone else who spends so much to look so laid-back.

If that sounds like you, you're going to love the below picks.

ESC: OG Models

Private Party Bae Watch Swimsuit, $99; Topshop Moto Light Bleach Mom Jeans, $70; Superga 2790 ACOTW, $80

Naomi Campbell: The Diva

ESC: OG Model, Naomi Campbell

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When it comes to glamour, no one does it better than Naomi. She's never been one for hoodies or high-tops—unless they're Givenchy—because when it comes to dressing it's all about feeling sexy and being extravagant. If you've never met a fur (or faux fur) too luxurious, a diamond too big or an ensemble too revealing, she's definitely your queen. A little decadent fashion philosophy never hurt, amirite?

FYI, the below chic picks are for you.

ESC: OG Models

Ainea Striped Faux Fur Coat, $284; Steve Madden Emotions, $100; Forever 21 Faux Diamond Statement Necklace, $9

Kate Moss: The Rebel

ESC: OG Model, Kate Moss

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There's a reason they call her Kate Moss #TheBoss. Being a total badass is what the supermodel's style is all about and the only rule is that there are no rules. There's not really much reasoning either. It's about looking strong and powerful while exuding sex appeal...oh, and not taking s--t from nobody. Leather is your favorite textile, you love a good Polaroid, motorcycles excite you and you're an au naturale babe when it comes to beauty. Capeesh? 

Shop the below picks if that sounds like you. Also, a slip dress wouldn't hurt.

ESC: OG Models

Mackage Rumer Jacket, $690; H&M Imitation Leather Pants, $35; Marc Jacobs Kim Chelsea Boot, $202

Tyra Banks: The Mogul

ESC: OG Model, Tyra Banks

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If it's only 11 a.m. and you already have an extensive Snapchat story with a substantial amount of views, you're probably a Tyra. The fashion chameleon can pull off anything, but her go-to style can definitely be described. She loves loud, proud colors with lots of punch, personality and energy. With every outfit she keeps things fresh and people love to watch her do her thing. Body-con dresses look amazing on you and sky-high heels are what you feel comfortable in. Sound about right?

Take a peek at the below buys picked just for you.

ESC: OG Models

ASOS Wide Metal Hammered Choker, $16; River Island Dark Yellow Zip Through Bodycon Dress, $60; Aldo Women's Caldari Caged Dress Sandals, $85

Christy Turlington: The Classic Beauty

ESC: OG Model, Christy Turlington

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No matter the cover (and there were a lot) Christy always managed to look poised and polished. The supermodel was as refined as they come in terms of her wardrobe and her personality—her smile was/is her best accessory (and yours is, too). If you love a timeless evening dress, the idea of wearing long white gloves and classic pearl necklaces, she's absolutely your spirit animal. She's just an all-around classic beauty, and so are you.

Shop the below Christy-inspired picks!

ESC: OG Models

Saint Laurent Cassandre Small Suede Cross-Body Bag, $1,747; Zara Dress with Flounce Skirt, $50; Louise et Cie Esperance Pump, $118

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