20 Secrets About Alias

October 2, 2021

See Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber and More Alias Stars Reunite for Anniversary Party

Most of the Alias cast made it their mission to reunite for the show 20th anniversary party, including stars Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber. See the cast in action.

October 1, 2021

Jennifer Garner's Response to a Bikini-Clad Influencer in the Snow Is the Laugh You Need Today

Jennifer Garner is just trying to help out this bikini-clad influencer trying to shoot a video outside while it's snowing. Keep scrolling for the actress' laugh-inducing reaction.

January 14, 2021

Jennifer Garner Reveals How Her Team Really Reacted to Her Alias Pool Scene Recreation

On Monday, Jennifer Garner explained what really went down between her manager and publicist after the actress dropped a hilarious parody of her steamy Alias pool scene on Dec. 4.

December 22, 2020

Jennifer Garner Recreates "Alias" Pool Scene 18 Years Later

Jen really knows how to make a splash! The actress shares a hilarious video that shows her recreating a classic scene from the ABC spy series "Alias." Watch!

December 5, 2020

Jennifer Garner Shares Recreation of Sexy Alias Pool Scene She Promised to "Never" Post

Jennifer Garner posted a hilarious and stunning reenactment of her iconic Alias pool scene that first aired nearly 18 years ago.

December 5, 2020

Jennifer Garner Reunites With Alias Costars and "Forever Playmates" on Instagram

Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber, and Ron Rifkin had a mini reunion in NYC

April 15, 2019

"The Arrangement's" Michael Vartan's Past TV & Movie Costars

From Jennifer Lopez to Jennifer Garner, take a look back at some of Michael Vartan's A-list costars throughout the years.

March 2, 2017


Michael Vartan "Definitely" Still Wants an Alias Reunion, But...

See what the E! star had to say about a possible TV reboot!

February 17, 2017