Jennifer Garner Reveals How Her Team Really Reacted to Her Alias Pool Scene Recreation

On Monday, Jennifer Garner explained what really went down between her manager and publicist after the actress dropped a hilarious parody of her steamy Alias pool scene on Dec. 4.

By Lindsay Weinberg Dec 22, 2020 2:45 AMTags
Watch: Jennifer Garner Recreates "Alias" Pool Scene 18 Years Later

Christmas came early for Jennifer Garner's fans when the actress recreated her iconic pool scene from Alias earlier this month. 

The Golden Globe winner, who played Sydney Bristow on the ABC TV series from 2001 to 2006, posted her more realistic reimagining of the sexy moment on Dec. 4. Her 2020 version included a modest Speedo swimsuit instead of a bikini, slippers instead of kitten heels and matted hair instead of a slicked back wet look. 

However, not everyone was delighted by the funny recreation of the spy show. At the time, Jennifer teased her manager Nicole King Solaka and publicist Meredith O'Sullivan Wasson because she had promised them she'd never share the clip.

The 48-year-old star wrote, "here is THE video I promised my manager (hi, @nksolaka) and my publicist (hi, @mereowass) I would never post." She added, "At some point in 2021, Ladies, I will try to look cute just for you."

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Now, Jennifer is revealing what her team really thought of the pool vid. "Obviously they don't want you posting something unattractive on purpose," she told Entertainment Weekly on Monday, Dec. 21. "They were like, 'Jennifer, you can look good in a bathing suit! Don't put that out there!' Basically, 'You'll never work again.'"

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Jennifer, while laughing, explained, "I just said, 'I will never look like that in a bathing suit. There's no way. And I think it's hilarious'... And today's the day, it's going up!"

Her team can't be too mad, considering it scored 4 million views! Plus, Rita Wilson, Eva Longoria and Kat Dennings are obsessed.

The 13 Going on 30 star admitted to the outlet that she hasn't watched Alias since it originally aired, though she recently came across the clip and couldn't believe her eyes.

"I was just like, 'Are you kidding me? I should have walked around in a bathing suit for that entire year, and I didn't even know!'" she joked. "Like, what the hell?" 

The mom to Violet, Samuel and Seraphina Affleck continued to satisfy Alias fans when she answered one final question: Is she down for a reboot of the Emmy Award-winning show? "For sure," she laughed. 

Although there are a ton of reboots and sequels that are totally unnecessary, we have to say this one sounds right up our alley. Someone get J.J. Abrams on the phone!

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