Oprah Winfrey Welcomes Kate Hudson to Weight Watchers With the Cutest FaceTime Call

The actress is a new ambassador for the brand

By Elyse Dupre Dec 17, 2018 1:05 PMTags
Oprah Winfrey, Kate HudsonJB Lacroix/WireImage; Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Kate Hudson is already an actress, a cofounder of Fabletics and a mother of three. Now, she can add Weight Watchers global ambassador to her résumé.

The How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star announced the news via Instagram on Sunday.

"Health and wellness is my number one, and I always say that what works for me doesn't work for everyone," she wrote alongside a video. "I believe that we need to celebrate diversity in how each individual wants to celebrate their bodies. We aren't all going to enjoy the same work outs, outdoor activities, foods etc. I've become an ambassador for the WW family because it is the perfect community for people to live healthy their own way and I love sharing this knowledge with you all! This is not a community for people who just want to lose weight, although leading a healthy lifestyle lends itself to such, this is a community about supporting each other through a life long journey of wellness."

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Hudson wasn't the only one to celebrate the news. She also received some words of encouragement from Oprah Winfrey, a fellow ambassador for the brand.

"So, I just wanted to say, welcome to WW," the former talk show host said via a FaceTime video posted to the social network. She then asked Hudson about why she decided to partner with the brand. 

"Well Oprah, my 'why' is really my kids, and my family, and longevity and wanting to be here as long as I can," the Almost Famous star said. "It's really about the holistic approach to wellness."

"Absolutely," Winfrey replied, "and fish tacos for me."

As excited as Hudson was to join the company, she also seemed thrilled to be FaceTiming with Winfrey.

"I'm just happy we're on this FaceTime together," Hudson said. "I love you!"

According to Weight Watchers, Hudson and Winfrey will work alongside an international community of members for the brand's "For Every Body" campaign. As part of the campaign, Hudson will share details of her wellness journey and encourage others to open up about their goals for better health. The campaign is part of Hudson's multi-year agreement with the brand.

"I'm incredibly excited to be a new ambassador for WW and I really believe in the company's mission to make health and wellness accessible for all," Hudson stated in a press release. "The aspect I love most about WW is the community because I know that community is so essential to wellness. To have people you can connect and relate to, as well as people who inspire you, is so important when you're focused on living your best life."

The partnership shouldn't come as a huge surprise considering Hudson already runs an activewear empire and has been open and honest with her followers about her health and fitness goals. For instance, about a month after welcoming her baby girl, Hudson told her followers she was "on a mission" to get back to her "fighting weight" and lose 25 pounds. She's also applauded Winfrey on her fitness journey.

"I just think she is forever, that woman," Hudson told Vogue. "You want to do the healthy thing, but you know what? Women fluctuate. We give birth to children and carry them and breastfeed them, some of us. We are busy and we're trying to work. Women's bodies are very different than male bodies; the way that we store fat is different, and the way that we lose fat is different. We're always trying to keep up—and then some of us give up, which is what we don't want to do."

Now the only question is: How do we get to FaceTime with Oprah?