The Amount of Money Cardi B Spends on Her Hair and Nails May Surprise You

Those crystals add up

By Lena Grossman Dec 01, 2018 9:55 PMTags
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The expenses can add up when you're a record-breaking, award-winning, superstar rapper. Well, for Cardi B at least.

On Friday night, the "I Like It" artist posted an Instagram video that gave a very in-depth look at how much it really costs to have hair and nails like Cardi. Spoiler alert: there's a lot to keep up with.

In an expletive-filled yet lighthearted video, Cardi painted a picture as to why keeping up appearances is getting more and more expensive as the days go by. 

The New York rapper sat in the backseat of a car, blue hair and hoop earrings swaying as she spoke. "Let me tell you motherf--kers something. It's getting more and more expensive to maintain us women," she began.

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Cardi went on to explain why 2018 is different than ever before. "You know, this is not the early 2000s and s--t where you give a bitch a hundred dollars to get her motherf--king hair done, nails done, her eyebrows done," she explained. "Nah. Bitches ain't getting the $17 nail set with three nail designs. Some bitches want gel and some hos like me want Swarovski crystals. So that about there is about $200 feet and nails, you know what I'm saying?"

So, that's just the nails. Cardi does, however, have some of the best nails in the game. Props to you, Cardi.

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While the $200 charge for nails causes a dent in the wallet, it pales in comparison to hair. "We don't do the blowouts or the sew-ins and s--t," the "Bodak Yellow" rapper said. "No, a bitch want the whole full-lace wig."

And how much exactly will a full-lace wig set you back?

"The wig is about $800, $500 it really depends where you get it from," Cardi clarified. "The styling is about $200, $300 dollars. So just on that is a thousand dollars. So what's good?"

What's good is Cardi's perpetually perfect hair!

She rocked her blue hair on Friday night at KIISFM's Jingle Ball, where she gave a PDA-filled and energetic performance. Her husband Offset joined her on stage and she couldn't hide her complete and total love for him. "Thank you husband. He's so fine," she said at the concert. "That's my baby daddy yo."