You'll Never Guess Where LADYGANG's Jac Vanek Sent Her Last Sext!

The LADYGANG gals keep it candid for a game of "Most Likely"

By Alyssa Ray Nov 16, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: "LadyGang" Stars Play 'Who's Most Likely' Game

The LADYGANG gals aren't afraid to put it out there.

The podcasters turned E! personalities made this abundantly clear during an exclusive game of "Most Likely" with E! News. For starters, Jac Vanek had no qualms revealing when (and where) she last sent her last sext.

"Probably sent one this morning," the LADYGANG star commented in the clip above. "While I was on the toilet…perfect time!"

While Vanek kept it pretty candid, the 2018 E! People's Choice Awards finalists declared it was Keltie Knight who was "most likely to overshare on social media."

"They're my friends, I think," the entertainment news expert defended.

We're sure Keltie's 87.4K followers on Instagram appreciate her candor, because we know we do!

The LADYGANG's Best BFF Moments

Nonetheless, it's Becca Tobin who we would want in our corner during a fight. Per the LADYGANG squad, the Georgia native "could probably beat some ass."

"I'm the smallest one, but I will claw your eyeballs out," the Glee veteran quipped.

However, the LADYGANG trio found themselves divided over who would be the one to bail them out of jail. Eventually, it was ruled that Becca could con someone out of prison and Keltie could pull off the release via the proper channels.

"Keltie's just so organized," Tobin remarked. "She'd be there on time, she'd have the right way to pay…she'd bring us clean underwear. It'd be good, she's like the mom."

Be sure to watch Becca, Keltie and Jac's game of "Most Likely" for yourself in the video above!