Kylie Jenner Debuts Silvery Blond Hair Just in Time for Winter

The makeup mogul is sporting a new hair color for the new season.

By Samantha Schnurr Nov 14, 2018 5:58 PMTags
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Though there's never snow in California, Kylie Jenner is ringing in the new season in spirit with an icy 'do to match. 

The makeup mogul and mama debuted her new hair on Tuesday night, sharing a video from the hair chair around 10 p.m. While Jenner videotaped her hair in the mirror, a stylist got to work flat-ironing her newly silvery strands. 

As of late, the 21-year-old was sporting a warmer blond hue, but it seems it was time for Jenner to rock something a bit icier. 

The star is certainly no stranger to changing up her hair color. Whether with her real hair or with the help of wigs, she's donned practically every shade in the rainbow, from neon green and baby blue to emerald and peach. 

Kardashians' Best Hair Moments

It's possible the new switch up is in honor of her upcoming Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection launch next week. As Jenner teased on her Instagram account, the packaging features shades of metallic baby blue, silver and white. 

Whatever the reason, Jenner is certainly bringing some chill with her new hair. 

Looking good, lady! For more of her hair evolution, check out E!'s gallery below:

Beautiful Bob

In March 2021, Kylie rocked a shorter style for her dinner with Kendall Jenner and friends.

Brunette Bombshell

At the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, Kylie's tousled hair makes for the perfect romantic waves.  

Big Barrel Curls

One word: Stunning! Her curly black tresses effortlessly cascade down her shoulders.

Sweet 16

Kylie's hair is ultra-long and jet black for her 16th birthday party.

Test Run

She first experimented with her now-signature blue shade back in 2013, dying her under layer a bright blue hue.

Coachella Ready

Her warmer ombré is all about boho chic.

Ombré Effects

At The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere, the E! star heats up the red carpet with a warm caramel ombré.

Fake Out

Don't go gaga over Kylie's bangs just yet—they're clip-ins!

Bye Bangs

The faux bangs are gone and her effortless layers return.

Dark Beauty

See ya, blonde! The E! star picks a solid dark hue for her hair, and coordinates her lips to match.


Surprise! Kylie adds a sneaky splash of blonde to the under layers of her hair.

Dark Matter

Chop, chop! Kylie trims her tresses into a shoulder-length cut and goes for a subtler, dark ombré.

Crop Chic

Before long, the old ombré proportions appear on her new short hair.

Lighten Up

To the light side! At least, that's where the ends of her hair are going with this drastic black-to-blond effect.

Blond Before the Blue

Just before adopting her cerulean tint, Kylie debuts a blonder-than-ever ombré on Instagram. 

Just a Hair

Before she went for the blue ombré, Kylie experimented with playful teal streaks.

Blue Or Bust

And it's blue! The E! star debuts her eye-catching new tint.


Slightly less blue, but still a fun and flirty shade.

Lady in Green

Kylie's color slightly shifts from teal to green in this Instagram snapshot.

Blue's Back

Looks like that Kelly green color was just a rinse (or an Instagram filter)!

New Look

Just ahead of the 2014 VMA Awards, she opts for added edge by shaving her nape.

Va Va VMAs

Jet black and side swept, Kylie's hair is all drama.

Selfie Time

She takes out her extensions just in time for a candid selfie.


Nothing beats her classic lengthy, raven tresses.

Déjà Vu

Kylie is clearly channeling big sister Kim Kardashian.

Family Matters

Whew! Kylie's dark, long locks are seriously glamorous, and again resemble Kim's flawless hair.

Pile on the Length

The star's extensions are in, and back to teal too.

Cold Steel

Instead of her go-to-blue, Kylie settles for an added splash of grey to liven up her hair.

Gone Gray

Kylie's steel gray seems to have softened into a dove shade.

Blue Period

And the blue is back! The E! star revives here teal tresses with a black-and-blue ombré.

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