Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello Bonded Over High Ponytails and It's Everything

"Havana" singer wore the look for the first time at the MTV EMAs in Spain

By Lena Grossman Nov 05, 2018 4:18 AMTags
Ariana Grande, Camila CabelloGetty Images

Those who high ponytail together stay together. Right?

On Sunday, Camila Cabello praised her pal Ariana Grande for her signature hairdo: the high pony. The "Havana" singer won big at the 2018 MTV EMAs where she won the awards for Best Artist, Best Video and Best Song, but apparently she might not have made the best decision when it came to her coiffure. 

Cabello paired her gorgeous red dress with an up-do and later called on Grande for some guidance. "I just did a high ponytail for the first time and it is literally pulling on my BRAIN ITS SO PAINFUL HOW DO YOU DO IT @ArianaGrande," she tweeted.

The "Real Friends" singer made another plea to her friend. She added, "Also, will you be my wife again @arianagrande."

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Camila have no fear, because Ariana is here! "Well u actually have hair so that prolly makes it a lil more painful," the "God Is a Woman" singer replied to Cabello. "Nah jk i'm in constant pain always and don't care at all." 

Plus, as to whether or not Grande would "be my wife again," she happily obliged. "I never thought you'd ask. come home bb girl," she responded.

Their BFF Twitter exchange kept going. In yet another tweet, Cabello posted a photo of herself looking pained with her hand on her head. "I had to take it off #thankunext," she wrote.

In the photo of Cabello rolling her eyes over the ponytail, she referenced Grande's new song "Thank U, Next." Grande released the song Saturday night and in it, sings about her past relationships and boyfriends, including Pete Davidson and Mac Miller.

She sings in the first verse, "Now I listen and laugh / Even almost got married / And for Pete, I'm so thankful / Wish I could say, 'Thank you' to Malcolm / 'Cause he was an angel."

Like the buddy that she is, Grande said she was "happy" for Cabello. "U still feel things," she said in one reply. Grande added moments later, "MUST BE NICE *crying and smiling*"

Grande's hairstyle of choice has been the subject of some satire. In September, the "Dangerous Woman" artist taped a sketch with Jimmy Fallon for The Tonight Show in which her hair not only had a mind of its own, but was its own creature. Her ponytail handed Fallon a La Croix from the fridge, signed Questlove's Sweetener album and even stopped a woman's purse from being stolen. All with the power of an up-do.

Better coiffed than sorry!