Stephenie Meyer Recalls Her Very First Memory From Twilight Set

Author also gushes over the die-hard fans in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the movie

By Melanie Camacho Oct 24, 2018 9:53 PMTags

Ten years and counting!

It's hard to believe that it's been a decade since Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hit the big screen and fell in love in the blockbuster hit that changed their lives forever. Yes, we're talking about Twilight.

But what are these movies without the master book author Stephenie Meyer, who said at one of the many 10th anniversary screenings nationwide that she wrote the book series without thinking that anyone would read them but her.

The award-winning author dished at the screening what the whole mega-hit franchise means to her, stating that she came back because of the fans.

"It's really nice to see genuinely interested faces," she shared. "They've always been lovely all of the years I've been doing this and it's been a little, so it's kind of nice to come back to it and see so many people still receptive and excited." 

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There was a Q&A session, where fans waved their hands in the air, trying to get their chance to get their questions answered by Stephenie, which made the author think about some good times on set.

"The Q&A was a lot of fun," the famous writer shared. "It wasn't that surprising because I had cheated and looked at the questions earlier, but there were some really good ones and I was excited to talk about some things that I hadn't talked about before like the memories from my first time on set and things I would go back to revisit and it was a lot of fun!"

She added that it was her first time on a movie set and she was so surprised at what it takes to put on a movie.

"The first time I was on set was the cafeteria scene, where Edward sees Bella for the first time and my biggest impression the first time I was there was how many people were there. Because I never been on a movie set before, I didn't realize how many hundreds of people it takes to make that happen and to feel that there were there for me and my story was really overwhelming, it was exciting," Stephenie explained. 

For Stephenie, the pandemonium from the franchise including hundreds—if not thousands—of fan groups, merchandise and awards was nothing she could have ever imagined seeing.

"I mean when I wrote this, I didn't think anyone was going to read it, but me and maybe my sister and maybe my mom if I was feeling okay with that, but to think that millions of people have read my stories and more than that have watched the movies," she shared. "Who could have expected that? It's amazing."

In the end, she dished that she loves the fans just as much as they love her.

"I haven't done this a lot recently and the fans seem just the same as ever," Stephenie explained. "I think people the fans as being really die-hard and excited, but for me, they've always just be really friendly and warm and kind."