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John Mayer is an open book when it comes to his sex life.

The "Your Body Is a Wonderland" singer revealed just how interesting his sex life is when he sat down with Cazzie David on his unofficial Instagram live show, Current Mood.

Mayer and David, who previously dated Pete Davidson, got into the nitty gritty details of what goes on behind closed doors when Cazzie asked whether or not the singer masturbates to his own music. "I don't think I've masturbated to any music, except when I was much younger and MTV was all there was for a young man," he answered. "In what world do you imagine that a man would masturbate to his own music?"

Cazzie then realized how odd her question was and moved on to the next one: Does John ever do the deed with his music playing? In response, John candidly revealed, "No, but a girl has asked me to sing some of my songs in probably the run up to it."

And, as any attentive lover would, he obliged. John explained, "If it's after a show and a girl asks, 'Sing Your Body is a Wonderland,' do you want to be the kind of guy who goes, 'No,' or do you want to be the kind of guy that goes like, 'We've got the afternoon...?' You want to play along."

Then, Cazzie grilled the singer about just how many girls he has shared his bed with. "Blink twice if you have slept with over 800 people," Cazzie directed. John pointedly stared at the camera. She then told him, "Blink once if you have slept with over 500 people." John once again refrained from blinking, much to the shock of the comments section.

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He figures his body count is "sub 500." 

In other relationship news, the star said he gets rejected a lot because he thinks he became "PR poison" for many people. "I don't think that people are into the idea of like, 'I snagged John Mayer'," he shared.

Mayer used to date a long string of A-list celebs like Katy PerryJessica Simpson and even Jennifer Aniston. However, it has been quite some time since the singer dated anyone, with the last person he dated being Katy. 

Check out the video above to listen to the full interview.

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