Breaking Down Cardi B's Wild Feud With a Makeup Artist

The "I Like It" rapper recently fired back at claims made by Blacswan on YouTube

By Jess Cohen Oct 22, 2018 8:07 PMTags
Cardi BDimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

What's really going on between Cardi B and makeup artist Blacswan?

While on Instagram Live earlier this month, the "I Like It" rapper addressed a video that was posted on YouTube by the makeup artist. In the 36-minute video, posted in Jan. 2018, Blacswan made claims about Cardi's behavior after working with her on two separate occasions in 2017. But during Cardi's Instagram Live, she fired back at the makeup artist's claims, telling her followers her side of the story.

Since Blacswan's video was posted so long ago, many have forgotten what the feud is really about. But don't worry, because we're breaking down all of the drama below!

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Jan. 2018: Blacswan shares a video on YouTube, detailing her experiences working with Cardi B.

"It all started back in September, I got called to do her makeup for an appearance that she was doing out here in Houston. So I did that, her makeup turned out flawless," Blacswan stated, later adding that she got a "bad vibe" from Cardi based off of her first impression.

Then in December, Cardi came back to Houston and Blacswan "was told that she requested me" to do her makeup.

"Off the bat, she does the same thing that she did the first time I met her, she barely acknowledges us, she has this grumpy attitude and she's complaining, a lot," Blacswan claimed in the video.

She went on to claim that Cardi was "complaining" about her makeup choices and then, when she was only half done, told her team that the makeup was "ugly." As Cardi was talking about the makeup, Blacswan said, she was getting "more worked up" and "going off."

Blacswan then broke down in tears in the video as she talked about Cardi complaining about her makeup and how she wasn't able to finish her job.

According to Blacswan, she asked Cardi if she wanted her to fix the makeup or if she wanted her to leave. That's when she was allegedly told to "get the f--k out."

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Oct. 2018: On her birthday, Cardi went on Instagram Live to talk to her fans. During her chat with her followers, Cardi brought up the YouTube video and the claims made about her.

"A lot of people have brung to my attention how this girl, this makeup artist, who went on YouTube saying that I cursed her out and everything and I hurt her feelings and I broke her heart," Cardi said. "Let me tell you something right, let me tell you about that story, since women want to go on YouTube and everything."

"First of all, shorty came to my hotel room extremely late, we had literally 35 minutes to do my makeup and she was high as f--k, her breath smelled like she ate f--king five cigarettes," Cardi continued. "And then, I told her as she was doing my makeup, 'I'm not liking how it's looking.' She said, 'I'm not finished.' And I'm like, 'Alright, but I'm already not liking how I'm lookin'. So she started stacking up my makeup, and when the finished product came, I was like, 'I don't like it, I been told you I wasn't liking it.'"

Cardi said she wiped off the makeup and then her publicist had to go to the store to buy products to do her makeup because she "did not do a good job."

As for whether she'll apologize, Cardi says "hell no" because the makeup artist was "unprofessional."

"After I wiped off my makeup she's like, 'So what do you want me to do now?' I told her, 'I want you to leave,'" Cardi explained. "Same way if you go to a Mac store, and somebody do your makeup wrong, you gonna wanna stop. No, I don't want you to do my makeup again because you took 35 minutes to do this, a s--tty ass job. I told her to leave, what's the problem with that?"

The YouTube video now has over 5 million views.